Mapa de México

Map of Mexico, 2013
City map and website:
Map of Mexico is an essay of alter-cartography made by the team of Raúl Ávila Victoria, Bárbara Cuadriello, Irving Domínguez, Anaid Espinosa, Yadira García Ayala, Eder Tabla, María Laura Ise, Cristina Martínez Lozano, Brenda Raya Isidro, Hugo Romero and Mónica A. Torres Márquez, in a workshop under the direction of Rogelio López Cuenca and the coordination of Elo Vega, carried out during the celebration of the Bicentennial of Mexican Independence and the Centennial of the Revolution, in 2010, at the Cultural Center of Spain in Mexico.
Can a map in any way represent the changing polymorphism of the discarded, the discontinuity of the unseen areas in the city-spectacle? How can the social boundaries inscribed on one's skin be made visible?; how can we highlight subterranean, subordinate discourses?; how can we mark the itinerant temples where we perform our rites of resistance to the glare of the images of global goods that look at us like limbs amputated from our own bodies?
Alternative maps of Mexico City are drawn with invisible ink in the margins of the grand pantheons and official holidays, public events and celebrated heroes: maps of interruptions and fractures, false passages, underground passages, lost passages, underground paths that criss cross the uniform avenues of the triumphal and systematic parade.