Ciudad Picasso

Ciudad Picasso, 2010

Paintings, video, photomontages and book

Picasso City is the first formalization of the research and artistic project Surviving Picasso / Sobrevivir a Picasso, which addresses the (re)invention of the collective imaginary of Malaga as the birthplace of the most famous artist of the twentieth century.

Picasso's genius was popularly perceived almost like the myth of King Midas, because of his ability to transform anything into gold. Any company—and the city as well, which was functioning within the same neoliberal capitalism—would see that  co-branding with the Picasso brand was an unbeatable business opportunity.

It is difficult to imagine a better label than the Picasso trademark in the competition between cities that characterizes the new post-industrial economy, in the struggle to attract investments, create "emblematic" activities and bring in visitors from the global tourism market. The proven effectiveness of the name Picasso lends the prestige of its symbolic capital to perfume, restaurants (they say it is the name most used in pizzerias around the world), or cars—but not just any car: in Spain, the Citroën Picasso is the car used by the police force.