Fantasmas negros, guerra y colonialidad en la obra de vanguardia de Felo Monzón y Agustín Miranda

Anuario de Estudios Atlánticos, nº 66, 2019.



The Spanish civil war was an event with traumatic consequences for the work of many authors who were associated with avant-garde thinking in Spain. This is the case of painter Felo Monzón and writer Agustín Miranda who, in their work done during the war, integrate categories stemming from one of the longest-lived modern imaginaries: colonialism. In order to estimate its impact in a phantological vein, I evaluate the way in which both Monzón and Miranda racialize the Canarian peasantry and the Guinean population. This is done by linking their artwork and texts not only with their version of Spanish identity, but also with the disciplines of knowledge that have been applied to the Atlantic context over the last six centuries.