Viaje a lo alocrónico. La ruralidad canaria, un todo-incluido que nos excluye

Revista Atlántida, nº 3, 2011. pp. 173-192.

This article, in addition to being an informative text, aims to be somewhat of a lure, an enticement to take you on a "trip" to a present that was (and still is) continually "distanced" from the past. Come and visit the allochronic! If you join me (and leave behind the bitter pill of sociological ramifications—the construction/invention of the rural areas of the Canary Islands) you will have the whole countryside at your feet, you will dwell with its inhabitants, the sorcerers, you will experience the fundamental place they occupy in the cultural industry of the Canary archipelago. Come! It is a rare experience! And don't worry! Its coordinates link it to the expansion of the modern world-system from the 15th century to the present day, enough time for the narratives of modernity/colonialism to shape its image and semblance, founding the "distinctions" and "distances" that still envelop it in a bucholic and exotic aura. Travelling through its mystical landscapes will be like being at home!