Malaga 2026. Picasso in the Monster Institution. Art, The Culture Industry and Right to the City.

Digital magazine of artistic research, 2018.

Interactive Installation,
Mixed media, variable dimensions, 2014

Contemporary leisure sites have created an environment to stimulate a universal lifestyle experience. Shopping Malls, Hotel Resorts, and Tourist Cities are the Heterotopias of the late modernity: artificial places full of copy-and-paste stereotypes. The yearning associated with this allegory of a happy and carefree life is the ideal background to promote consumerism. The Paradiseator invites the user to interact with these patterns and create his own surreal version of paradise.

Surviving Picasso / Sobrevivir a Picasso’ Project, 2012

Fundación Picasso. Museo Casa Natal del Ayuntamiento de Málaga.

In 1996, James Ivory directed the feature film Surviving Picasso, based on Picasso’s life story.

Ciudad Picasso, 2010

Paintings, video, photomontages and book

Picasso City is the first formalization of the research and artistic project Surviving Picasso / Sobrevivir a Picasso, which addresses the (re)invention of the collective imaginary of Malaga as the birthplace of the most famous artist of the twentieth century.

El Recepcionista, 2006

(prototype for amiability in the era of mass tourism)
interactive installation,1,20mx1,20mx 1,70m, mixed media, electronic.

Canto VI, 2005

Video mono-channel. 5’40”

-  “Woe is me! to the land of what mortals am I now come? Are they cruel, and wild, and unjust? or do they love strangers and fear the gods in their thoughts?(...)

Nerja Once, 2004

Videoinstalación. Dimensiones variables

Once a sleepy fishing village, the town now has a population of over 22,000. Nerja’s population swells to about 90,000 in the summer…it has almost no history until tourism hit.

Rick Steve’s Guidebook, 2006