Rogelio López Cuenca

Artista y escritor


Spain was never different. Art and tourism since the 60s.

Seminar, MNCARS, Madrid

12 June 2019.


Malaga 2026. Picasso in the Monster Institution. Art, The Culture Industry and Right to the City.

Digital magazine of artistic research, 2018.

Art and Tourist Imaginaries I

Working Seminar and Conference.

MNCARS, Madrid, June 5, 2018.


Lecture Series, 8th Biennial Meeting of Lanzarote, 2017-2018

Participants: Rogelio López Cuenca y José Díaz Cuyás

MIAC, Arrecife

january 26 and february 27, 2018.

Surviving Picasso / Sobrevivir a Picasso’ Project, 2012

Fundación Picasso. Museo Casa Natal del Ayuntamiento de Málaga.

In 1996, James Ivory directed the feature film Surviving Picasso, based on Picasso’s life story.

Arte y Turismo [Art and Tourism], Revista de Occidente, 369, Febrero 2012.

Participants: Vicente Benet, José Díaz Cuyás, Fernando Estévez González, Rogelio López Cuenca.

In his analysis of the mythology of the Eiffel Tower, Roland Barthes says: "The democratization of tourism, that modern mixture of distraction and travel, is undoubtedly one of the most important events in contemporary history.”

Ciudad Picasso, 2010

Paintings, video, photomontages and book

Picasso City is the first formalization of the research and artistic project Surviving Picasso / Sobrevivir a Picasso, which addresses the (re)invention of the collective imaginary of Malaga as the birthplace of the most famous artist of the twentieth century.