Málaga 2026. Picasso en la institución monstruo. Arte, industria cultural y derecho a la ciudad.

Malaga 2026. Picasso in the Monster Institution. Art, The Culture Industry and Right to the City. Digital magazine of artistic research, 2018.


Result of a way of understanding research that does not disregard resources used in contemporary art which, in turn, does not disregard the purposes and protocols of research, this monster-document (a pairing of numbers and letters as arbitrary as Malaga 2016 was in its day) gathers a series of public expressions in disagreement with official discourse of the "city of museums” and with how the figure of Picasso was used in transforming the territory and its imaginaries. It proposes ways to recharge the antagonistic sense of making art and weaving community, characterized by the radicality typical of the avant-garde: recognizing its contradictions, it situates itself as the very opposite of being reduced to a fetish at the service of the city's logic of consumerism and spectacle. For this reason, we also include collaborations centered in cities such as Barcelona, Valencia, or Bilbao that have already undergone the instrumentalization of culture as a tourist resource, thus illuminating similarities and parallels to those that Malaga is experiencing today. On March 25 and 26, 2017, the sessions of the Picasso seminar were held at the social and cultural center of citizen-managed La Casa Invisible, and organized in collaboration with the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía (MNCARS) at the Monster Institution. The seminar was part of the Midstream Program (a European network of university and institutional research on new audiences and media devices in artistic culture) and participated in the activities programmed in the context of the 80th anniversary of Picasso's Guernica (also of the bombing and destruction of the city by Nazi Germany's air force) and the 25th anniversary of the painting's arrival at the museum. The territory produced by the tensions between the elements, circumstances and agents mentioned (avant-garde art and the museum, the exercise of power through violence and the different experiences of resistance and alternatives) determines the framework of the workshop In the City of Genius, coordinated by Elo Vega and Rogelio López Cuenca with the participation of Ventura García Merida, Yolanda Tovar, Pituskaya, Marta Caballero, Kike España, Guan Díaz, Emilia García Morales, Gerald Raunig, Ignacio Wilson, Keko Martínez, Chinowski Garachana, Eduardo Serrano, Carlos López Sánchez, Amanda Romero and Santi F. Patón.