Sol y Papas

Collective exhibition Sol y Papas [Sun and Potateos], 8th Biennial Meeting of Lanzarote, 2015-2016
Curators: José Díaz Cuyás y Fernando Estévez
El Charco and Santo Domingo Rooms
Artists: Teresa Arozena, Raúl Domínguez, Oier Etxebarría,  Irene Kopelman, Lena Peñate y Juanjo Valencia.
In this room dedicated to the Sun, two artistic projects are shown: one developed by the team of Lena Peñate and Juanjo Valencia, and one by the photographer Teresa Arozena. Both teams address the effects of tourism - as a model of leisure culture - on our daily lives. And in both cases they do so by taking into account the uses that visitors, and above all the islanders themselves, make of those times and spaces of leisure.
The beach is a place for free time, but it is also a place for the body, for pleasure, socialising and play. Peñate and Valencia build their archive by collecting images and names that circulate in those dreamy sunny shores. Arozena, on the other hand, offers us images of the way in which the Canaries use their coastline—also for rest and relaxation, but at the same time avoiding the influx of visitors.
This room offers two thematic axes. On the first floor, dedicated to the potato, we bring together the work of three artists who have used this tuber and associated plants in their work: a set of watercolors from the series 'This is a potato' made in Peru by the artist Irene Kopelman; images of tubers and plantations by Raúl Domínguez, who makes his artistic drawings of the open air converge with his scientific illustrations; and, finally, a multimedia intervention by Oier Etxebarría, who, starting from her project Las patatas y las cosas [Potatoes and things], tackles the subject by crossing different disciplines: ecology, anthropology, history of science and politics.
On the second floor, dedicated to the Sun, we show, in documentary style, an unusual case of occupation of the island territory by a group of tourists: the commune of Otto Muehl in El Cabrito, La Gomera. Both with this case and independently, we present the beginning of a long term project, 'The Tourist's Archive', which proposes to consider the images generated by tourism as an inescapable part of our cultural heritage.
Lanzarote Biennial 2015
Planting ideas / Dwelling / Harvesting